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Discover Dr. Kaitlyn Richardson HBSc, CISSN, ND

Naturopathic Medicine

The goal of a Naturopathic Doctor is to treat the root cause of your symptoms in order to treat and prevent both acute and chronic conditions. Through education and empowerment Naturopathic Doctors will create individualized plans to optimize your health and wellness.

Educational Sessions

Interested in having Dr. Kaitlyn speak at your company or with your sports team?

Dr. Kaitlyn provides educational lunch and learn or team information sessions on a variety of different topics. If you are interested in learning more about the topics she offers please feel free to contact her using the link below.



Nutritional Counselling

What we eat has a dramatic effect on the health of our bodies! A thorough assessment of diet is crucial for achieving and maintaining optimal health. Learn how to fuel your body optimally with nutritional counselling.

Herbal Remedies

Herbal Medicine

Plants have been used traditionally both inside and outside the body. In the form of teas, tinctures or topical creams botanical preparations can effectively improve many conditions with fewer side effects.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

An ancient medicine that aims for holistic care through acupuncture, diet and herbal treatments.

Acupuncture Traditional Chinese herbal m


An effective treatment for both physical and emotional ailments. Acupuncture can be used traditionally to create harmony among the body's internal organs. It can also be used medically as a tool to correct muscle imbalances and treat pain or tension in the Muskuloskeletal system.

Lifestyle Counselling

Individualized plans to keep your body working optimally.A healthy lifestyle is about more than just staying active and includes your mental and emotional health as well as environmental aspects of health.

Yoga by the Ocean
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